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The island of Pag is a Croatian island located on the northern Adriatic, and with its surface, the island of Pag is the fifth largest island in Croatia, while its coastline is the most developed in Croatia. Pag is proud of the fact that the sun heats it with more than 2500 sunny hours and, moreover, the fact that it belongs to a group of Croatian islands that have the least precipitation during the year. The island is known for some of its parts having poor coverage with vegetation and it is often compared to the Moon's surface. Vegetation on the island is dominated by authentic evergreen shrubs, Alpine pine, oak and chestnut, white and black hornbeam, olives, bulrush, rocky pastures and meadows. The great botanical values of the island of Pag are medicinal plants including lavender, immortelle, sage and rosemary. The rocky landscape, with only a mere aroma of aromatic plants, creates a unique impression and view you must surely experience.
Only a few minutes drive from Camp Navis, there are beautiful Lun olive groves that have represented an intact and the most exotic corner in the region for centuries. The natural and self-propagating olives stretch to about 24 ha and consist of more than 80,000 tree varieties. The average age of olive trees in the Lun olive grove is 1,200 years, while the oldest tree is 1,600 years old. This olive grove is unique and it is certainly worth a look while staying on the island.








We are proud to be able to present to you a newly designed family Auto Camp Navis, located in the cove in the northern part of the island of Pag, not far from Novalja. Even though it is only 3 km from the city of Novalja, it is far enough to not feel the rush of the large tourist centre and to spend a holiday in a natural and relaxing environment. If you want to relax and escape from everyday life and recharge your energy in the sun, in Auto Camp Navis an attractive and newly refurbished pebble beach can surely provide you with it.
Camp Navis is an ideal destination for a family vacation in quiet surroundings along with entertainment, recreation and gatherings. Apart from the sun and the clear sea, you can also enjoy Navis camp in an active holiday. The northern part of the island of Pag is much more peaceful, and guests have many walking and cycling trails. In the immediate vicinity of the camp there is a 20 km long bicycle trail perfect for cycling enthusiasts and those who enjoy long walks. There is free internet access in the camp, a playground for children, and there is also a lounge area with a common kitchen and barbecue.








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