Due to its length and indented, lowland configuration that differentiates it from most of the Adriatic islands, Pag is a perfect island for all generations and all levels of cyclists.

There is a great variety of cycling routes available for all cycling enthusiasts. There are numerous asphalt tracks available for road cyclists. For the most ambitious among cyclists, we recommend a road tour around the entire length of the island of Pag, which is over 60 km in one direction and stretches from Pašo bridge to Luna. The landscape is really beautiful and has resorts for vacation or breaks.

Unpaved bicycle "off-road" and "mountain bike" trails are very well marked and captivate cyclists with landscapes that surround them. There are over 120km of such trails available, and there are alternating wilderness areas with rich green fields, as well as low-oasis woodlands. The refreshing swim in the clear sea is almost always at your fingertips.

For families with children and other cycling enthusiasts, we recommend shorter trips to nearby beaches.

The Island of Pag is truly the most beautiful place to forget about the car and to indulge in the charms of an active vacation.



The trail connecting Pag and Novalja through interesting inhabited areas. It avoids gravel roads, which makes it easy for amateur cyclists, with many places where you can refresh yourself. Half the time there is a source of fresh drinking water, and along the trail, there is also an ornithological reserve.


This route allows you to come from Kolan to Pag or Novalja. Although it is relatively demanding, especially the passage in Mandre, it is interesting because of the parts that go through the fields and water torrents as well as the offer of domestic products in Kolan.


It starts at the ferry pier of Stara Novalja and ends on the Zrće beach. It is ten kilometers long, passes by several beaches and allows you to turn to the Žigljen where you can find the UFO park. However, the most important attraction on this path is what named the trail - you can see stonepits along the trail.


This paved trail is particularly enjoyable for amateurs, either hikers or cyclists. It is interesting because it does not require a special route or orientation.


The road to the wine cellars is steep and sharp and requires good concentration and physical fitness. The arrival in front of the wine cellar is marked with a view of the Novalja field, and also offers a welcome menu.


This is the best trail to explore the Novalja area. During the high season, it is necessary to be careful because the track is also a road. The route includes the possibility of resting on the beaches of Potočnica and Jakišnica, and a special experience is provided by Lun’s olive groves, where some olives trees are up to a thousand years old.


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